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PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:12 am
Spontaneous Star Tournaments are STs that can be hosted at any given moment in a server. What happens is that a TM will decide to host one, and then gather players from the current server to join. Typically, SSTs will begin no more than half an hour after their announcement. A forum thread will be created for the event, with entrants and pairings listed in it.

These tournaments follow the same rules and procedures as normal Star Tournaments.

Being that these types of tournaments are secondary to normal STs, we have cut the prizes for them. The following tier system will be used for Spontaneous STs:

8-man SSTs (8-13 players)
1st place: 2 stars
2nd place: 1 star

16-man SSTs (14-21 players)
1st place: 3 stars
2nd place: 2 stars
3rd place: 1 star

24-man SSTs (22-28 players)
1st place: 5 stars
2nd place: 3 stars
3rd place: 2 stars
4th place: 1 star

32-man SSTs (29+ players)
1st place: 6 stars
2nd place: 4 stars
3rd place: 3 stars
4th place: 1 star

Swiss Bonuses (24 tier+ only)
in addition to other prizes:
X-0: 2 stars
X-1: 1 star
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