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Be sure to check the threads carefully to see if the problem you have encountered has already been reported. If so, feel free to contribute to it if you have any new information. You do not need to make a new thread.
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How to submit a useful Bug Report

Since there have been many Bug Reports posted which are quite un-informative, and of very little help, this should be of use.

What constitutes a bug?

Any unexpected behaviour in the game.
Especially if such behaviour results in a glitch that affects the entire Server (e.g. Stuck Cards).

What is not considered a bug?

Missing Cards, Incorrect Card Texts/Stats (levels, attacks, etc), incorrect card images or features you think should be added. Those go in the "Card Requests & Corrections" sub-forum.

I found a bug. What do i do now?
Let's start with what you don't do.... You don't go into servers and abuse the bug as much as possible. There are many ways that i can find the originator of glitchs, and you will be banned from the forum & game without warnings. It's that simple.

What you should do, is read the next part....

How should I submit a bug?

Subject: [game version] - [brief problem description] (e.g. v1.8C - Cards remain on Field after logout)


1. Describe the problem.
2. Describe what you were doing in the game at the time the problem occured.
3. Include any error messages you saw (If you are hosting, check your Log - Look out for Runtime errors, and copy & paste them out fully.).
4. Include a Screenshot (if applicable, since not all problems would have a visual component).
5. Any other information that might be helpful & related to the problem (e.g. Graphics Card / Browser version / BYOND version ).

How should I not submit a bug?

This is an example of a Post that does not help me fix anything.

Subject: Extra Deck Broken
Post: I cant add cards. Help!

Another example would be a screenshot of a bugged Deck or Duel saying "Explains it all". A screenshot is not an explination, and is about as useful as posting a picture of your mom.

But im too lazy to do all that...

Your post will just be ignored.
Additionally, any Moderator that see's such posts can delete them on sight.

Anything else?...

Yes, thankyou for taking the time to report a problem. At the end of the day, these fix's impact you (as a player). You want the game to work better right? Of course you do.
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Added that incorrect card images generally aren't bugs, probably a mistake on IceFire's part
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