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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:31 am
1) When you go through the process of an Xyz Summon: First you select your monsters, then it gives you a prompt "Are you sure you want to summon with the following monsters?" and then lists the monsters. When you click "Yes" it brings up the little box on the skin that allows you to pick the ATK/DEF position of your monster. If you click the (x) at this point to cancel the summon, your monsters seemingly disappear. Even if you reset your deck at this point, the monsters will not return to your deck. What it appears to do is attach the monsters to the Xyz while it's in your extra deck, because if you then Special Summon the cancelled monster, it will have the monsters attached to it as Material (unless you've reset, because that point they appear to be gone for good.)

2) The little black box to summon monsters that lets you chose the ATK/DEF position of the monster, with Xyz Monsters the box doesn't disappear when you summon a monster, like it does with every other monster type.
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