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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:05 am
I know you guys changed to OCG on popular demand, but...
This EXTREMELY screws me. ALL my decks are built for TCG, and I'm not versed enough in OCG deck-making to really modify them. That, and - especially as I only found out about this when I tried to Raise my Disk and it called me out on Raigeki - I'm not in the mood to modify all of my...6-7 decks to be OCG-viable. Not just legal, but viable taking both banlists into consideration.

No offense, but...right now, I'd debated between Dueling ehre or somewhere else tonight, and I WAS going to duel here. But...yerah, NOPE. Rahter deal with a buggy, possibly slow program than modifying all those decks. glad I hadn't made a ton of decks yet. All the decks on my laptop - all 45 of them - are now USELESS also, and...well, I'll probably just delete DMG from there instead of even TRY messing with that.

So...yeha. Being able to choose between TCG and OCG banlists would be a GODSEND. Yes both Duelists would have to agree on it, but... way I see it, that's better than possibly alienating a whole group of players. Such as me.

...sorry if I came off aggressive, but...yeah, this is a bit of a big thing here.

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