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PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 11:41 pm
We've gotten pretty far behind in moving cards from OCG sets to TCG sets as they get released in the TCG. I went through, here's a list of them. I haven't gone through JPN2 though. Maybe in the future but for now, most of those cards are from the old japanese Vol.# and Booster.# packs and are random throw-away vanillas. If someone wants to go through that set they're welcome to do so.

If I missed anything, feel free to post here.

Rapid Warrior
Synchron Explorer
Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak
Blackwing - Jetstream the Blue Sky
Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite
Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World
Ceruli, Guru of Dark World
Dododo Warrior
Number 19: Freezerdon
Darkflare Dragon
Lightpulsar Dragon
Eclipse Wyvern
Muzurhythm the String Djinn
Temptempo the Percussion Djinn
Melomelody the Brass Djinn
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon
Atlantean Dragoons
Atlantean Marksman
Atlantean Heavy Infantry
Evilswarm Cercyon
Constellar Sombres
Fire King High Avatar Garunix
Fire King Avatar Barong
Fire King Avatar Kirin
Half Shut
The Gates of Dark World
Chaos Zone
Call of the Atlanteans
Onslaught of the Fire Kings
Circle of the Fire Kings
Black Feather Beacon
Black Return
Dark Scheme
Dragon's Rebirth

Gem-Knight Crystal
Laval Volcano Handmaiden
Laval Cannon
Vylon Sphere
Vylon Tetra
Vylon Stella
Vylon Prism
Vylon Hept
Gishki Reliever
Gishki Noellia
Gusto Squirro
Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto
Steelswarm Genome
Steelswarm Sentinel
Steelswarm Sting
Steelswarm Longhorn
Steelswarm Hercules
Evigishki Tetrogre
Gem-Knight Citrine
Gem-Knight Prismaura
Laval Stennon
Vylon Alpha
Vylon Omega
Daigusto Sphreez
Vylon Component
Vylon Element
Forbidden Arts of the Gishki
Pyroxene Fusion
Infestation Ripples
Infestation Tool

Gem-Knight Obsidian
Gem-Knight Iolite
Gem-Knight Amber
Laval Lakeside Lady
Laval Coatl
Laval Blaster
Vylon Pentachloro
Vylon Tesseract
Vylon Stigma
Gishki Vision
Gishki Emilia
Gishki Mollusk
Gusto Falco
Kamui, Hope of Gusto
Musto, Oracle of Gusto
Evigishki Gustkraken
Gem-Knight Amethyst
Lavalval Dragun
Daigusto Falcos
Gem-Knight Pearl
Lavalval Ignis
Vylon Disigma
Evigishki Merrowgeist
Daigusto Phoenix
Particle Fusion
Vylon Polytope
Vylon Segment
Dustflame Blast
Aquamirror Illusion
Gusto Whirlwind

Gem-Knight Sardonyx
Laval Phlogis
Gishki Avance
Gusto Griffin
Constellar Sheratan
Constellar Aldebaran
Constellar Algiedi
Constellar Pollux
Constellar Zubeneschamali
Constellar Virgo
Evilswarm Heliotrope
Evilswarm Zahak
Evilswarm Ketos
Evilswarm O'lantern
Evilswarm Mandragora
Evilswarm Hraesvelg
Evigishki Levianima
Gem-Knight Zirconia
Lavalval Chain
Daigusto Emeral
Constellar Hyades
Constellar Pleiades
Evilswarm Nightmare
Evilswarm Bahamut
Molten Conduction Field
Gishki Photomirror
Constellar Star Chart
Fragment Fusion
Dust Storm of Gusto
Infestation Infection

Constellar Omega
D.D. Esper Star Sparrow
Beast-Warrior Puma
Phoenix Beast Gairuda
Ironhammer the Giant
D.D. Jet Iron
Tin Goldfish
Gearspring Spirit
Gem-Knight Lazuli
Gishki Natalia
Constellar Siat
Constellar Rasalhague
Constellar Leonis
Constellar Acubens
Constellar Kaus
Constellar Alrescha
Constellar Antares
Evilswarm Castor
Evilswarm Obliviwisp
Evilswarm Azzathoth
Evilswarm Thunderbird
Evilswarm Salamandra
Evilswarm GOlem
Evilswarm COppelia
Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth
Gishki Psychelone
Gishki Zielgigas
Gem-Knight Seraphinite
Gem-Knight Master Diamond
Tin Archduke
Constellar Praesepe
Constellar Ptolemy M7
Evilswarm Thanatos
Evilswarm Ophion
Evilswarm Ouroboros
Iron Call
Constellar Star Cradle
Infestation Pandemic
Constellar Meteor
Infestation Terminus

The Big Saturn
Malefic Stardust Dragon
Malefic Truth Dragon
Meklord Emperor Granel
Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction
Number 15: Gimmick Puppet - Giant Killer
Zubaba Buster
Chachaka Archer
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry
Number 50: Blackship of Corn
Enthusiastic Coaching King Giantrainer

(This set can be moved to TCG entirely)

Darklord Desire
Backup Warrior
Kanan the Swordmistress
Commander Convington
Machina Force
Machina Defender
Machina Sniper
Machina Soldier
Vorse Raider
Alligator's Sword Dragon
Meteor Black Dragon
Happy Lover
Fairy Dragon
Summoned Skull
Elemental HERO Avian
Temple of Skulls
Key Mace
Key Mace #2
Meklord Emperor Wisel
Monster Eye
Blizzard Princess
Viser Des
Dark Paladin
XYZ-Dragon Cannon
Millennium Shield
Destiny HERO - Plasma
Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
Dark Magician Girl
Vice Dragon
Powered Tuner
Eccentric Boy
Gauntlet Warrior
Junk Archer
Elemental HERO The Shining
Lightning Warrior
Quick-Span Knight
Armored Bee
Great Poseidon Beetle
Cyber Larva
Lion Alligator
Spawn Alligator
Elemental HERO Great Tornado
Dark Highlander
Fleur Synchron
Chevalier de Fleur
Ape Fighter
Frozen Fitzgerald
Gladiator Beast Lanista
X-Saber Souza
Blood Mefist
T.G. Hyper Librarian
Sorciere de Fleur
Necro Fleur
Junk Forward
Fallen Angel of Roses
Machina Cannon
Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird
Scar Warrior
Catapult Warrior
Elemental HERO Escuridao
Chewbone (DUPLICATE)
Triple-Star Trion
Sonic Warrior
Infernity General
Kachi Kochi Dragon
Number 16: Shock Master
Number 56: Gold Rat
Fiend's Mirror
Kagemucha Knight
Photon Wyvern
Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel
Masked HERO Dian
Gravity Warrior
Void Ogre Dragon
Hazy Flame Hyppogrif
Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings
Blackwing - Gram the Shining Star
Number 69: God Medallion - Coat of Arms
Number 88: Gimmick Puppet - Destiny Leo
Number 22: Zombiestein
Cyber Shield
Eradicating Aerosol
Overpowering Eye
Toon World
Beastly Mirror Ritual
Parallel World Fusion
Dragonic Tactics
Court of Justice
Closed Forest
Photon Sanctuary
Miracle Contact (DUPLICATE)
Advanced Dark (DUPLICATE)
Crush Card Virus
Give and Take
Tuner's Barrier
Liberty at Last!
Roaring Earth
Photon Current

Zubaba General
Reactan, Elemental Dragon of Earth
Stream, Elemental Dragon of Water
Burner, Elemental Dragon of Fire
Lightning, Elemental Dragon of Wind
Eternal Drought

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