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There are over 6000 cards in M&WO, all of which are available to you instantly.

The game's focus has always been on providing the robust rules of the OCG and TCG environment, with the bonus of many Anime Only cards (ACG) that would never normally be able to see play. Here they are all legal and can be run along side the standard OCG and TCG cards.

Since every card is automatically avaible to you, a card's rarity in TCG & OCG terms mean very little and so are not applied. However there are unique circumstances were a Card may have a 'Rarity' value assigned to it. The following are indicators that a Card is special in some way (and why).

Gold Card Title

This indicates that a card has been adjusted/unlocked by an outside effect. Be that some Special Item, or because it's being used in a certain area. It cannot be added to a Deck via the Deck Editor, and these cards will normally have the text; This card cannot be used in a Tournament.

Red Card Title

This indicates an OCG or TCG card that has been 'tweaked' especially for M&WO. It is available to everyone, and is just an indication that the card will be different than the TCG or OCG version in some way. Normally these differences will be very minor, and most established rules for that card should remain the same.

While M&WO does focus on providing a full TCG and OCG experience, players should be aware that the games goal has always been to provide something unique - and not simply a pure Trading Card Game simulation.

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