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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:02 pm
I just made this card a few mins ago i have yet to make the 2nd pendulum card but as soon as i do ill update the text but here you go .

Binding Chains of the Forbidden One
Dark/Spellcaster/lvl 1/Normal/Pendulum
Atk 300 Def 400
Pendulum Scale 1/1

Pendulum Effect :
{You can only Pendulum summon "Forbidden One" cards.}

This card's Pendulum Scale becomes 0 if you have a "Forbidden One" in your other Pendulum Zone.
(1)The effect of (1) can only be used once per turn. Add a Card with "Binding" from your deck to your hand, Expect "Binding chains of the Forbidden one"This Effect can only Resolve When you have "Binding Circle Of the Forbidden One" in your other pendulum zone.
(2) If you add a "Binding" card to your hand by this card's effect, you can not Summon a card of the same or activate its effects this turn.
(3) If You Pendulum Summon "The Left Leg of the forbidden one" "the Right Leg of the Forbidden one" "The Left Arm of the Forbidden One" "The Right Arm Of the Forbidden One" And "Exodia The Forbidden One" From Your Extra Deck You Win the Duel.
(4) The Spell Card "Contract With Exodia " Cannot Be Negated.

Monster Lore:
"In the 5000 years since he's been imprisoned, these chains have never rusted. Should they ever break, the infinite power of the Forbidden One will never be stopped."

Binding Circle of the Forbidden One
Dark/Spellcaster/LVL 3/ Effect/Pendulum
Atk 1500 / Def 1900

Pendulum Scale 4/4

Pendulum Effect:

The effect of (1) Can only be Used Once per turn.
{You can only Pendulum summon "Forbidden One" cards.}

(1)Discard 1 Card to Place 1 "Forbidden One" Card from your hand or Graveyard on top of the extra deck.This Effect can only resolve when you have "Binding Chains of the Forbidden One" in your other Pendulum Zone.
(2) Whenever a "Forbidden One" is sent to the Graveyard by an opponent's card effect or destroyed by battle,You can Place it to the top of the extra deck instead.
(3) As long as "Exodia Necross" is Face up "Forbidden One" Cards In your graveyard Can't Be Removed from play by your opponent's card effects.
(4) When "Exodia Necross" Attacks your Opponent can't Activate any spell,trap or monster effects until the end of the damage step.

Monster effect:

Flip: Add 1 "Exodia Necross" or "Contract with Exodia" form your deck or graveyard to your hand.After send 1 "Forbidden One" Card from your deck to the graveyard.

Binding Gate of the Forbidden One
Dark/ Spellcaster/LVL 10/Effect/Pendulum
0 ATK/ ? Def

Pendulum Scale 4/4

Pendulum Effect:

The effect of (1) Can only be Used Once per turn.
{You can only Pendulum summon "Forbidden One" cards.}

(1)Discard 1 "Forbidden One" card from your Hand to Add 1 "Exxod" or "Obliterate!!!" Trap card from your Deck or Graveyard.This effect only resolves when you control a "Forbidden One" with a Different name in your other pendulum zone.
(2)"Exxod" Trap cards cannot be negated
(3) While this card is face up on top of the Extra Deck when you Pendulum summon with a "Forbidden One" Card This card's level is treated as 2,Also ignore its Summoning conditions.

Monster Effect:
You can only control 1 "Binding Gate of the Forbidden One".
You can only use the Effect of "Binding Gate of the Forbidden One" Once per turn.
This card cannot be Normal Summoned/Set it can only be Special Summoned (by hand or Grave) By removing 1 "Exxod","Obliterate!!!" Trap card or 1"Forbidden One" from the grave.This card is unaffected by card effects.This card gains 1000 Def for every "Forbidden One in the graveyard.During your end phase you may add 1 "Exxod" , "Obliterate!!!"Trap card or "Forbidden One" form the Banished zone to your Hand.When this card is Destroyed by Battle You can Add 1 "The Legendary Exodia Incarnate" From your Deck, Grave, or Banished zone to your hand.

Exxod's Wrath
Counter Trap

You can only use one "Exxod's Wrath" per turn.
Discard 1 "Forbidden One" or "Exodia" Card to negate a Spell,Trap, or Monster Effect. While this card is in the graveyard when your opponent Special Summons a monster from the Extra deck Banish this card then, Add 1 "Binding" card From your Graveyard to your hand.

Binding Spell of the Forbidden One
Normal Spell

Discard 1 card,Draw 1 card. If that card is a"Forbidden One" can you can reveal it to destroy 1 card your opponent controls.While this card is in the graveyard except the turn it was sent, Banish this card to add 1 "Binding" card from your Deck to your hand except "Binding Spell of the Forbidden One".(You can only use each effect of "Binding Spell of the Forbidden One" Once per turn.)

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