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PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:00 pm
Teddy-Pain wrote:I remember loli hosted a tournament where the winner got cash via paypal.
You should do that.

it was me shipping boxes/packs of ygo to ppl. the boxes were free since i'd win them at my locals (california has free tournaments) but the shipping wasnt and im also generally lazy as far as ygo is concerned.

no more server wars? guild wars? and i dont mean make a huge guild and talk shit all the time - i mean like make guilds with caps of 3 people (so they're more like teams) and war with other duelists.

while i have an actually brilliant idea to spark DMG again, it'd actually take some coding which i could do but i don't expect the incompetent staff of DMG to be capable of that. however, here is a spin-off to an actually fantastic "event" idea:

make a guild (in this case, we'll call it "team") that'll only include 3 duelists. sign em up on the forums and make them post on the forums so that way they're established/known. occasionally per week, a team can play another team if all the members are present. in current DMG it's realistic because really you only need 6 duelists. so you play as per normal guild war/server war rules. winning team displays their winnings on their thread (generally in the OP). at the end of each season (meaning, after a new FL list and NOT an adjusted list has taken effect - NOT just announced), the team with the most cumulative wins can get a "reward". idk what ppl find fullfilling on DMG these days but it can be whatever that is.

this idea caters to not only the competitive side of ygo that this game lacks, but also the fact that the game has very few players. lastly, im aware part of the dying playerbase is that a lot of the DMG community is too scared to play if there is something "at stake". well there really isn't any solving that lol

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