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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:54 am
Hi, I am new on this forum and not sure if this is the right place to post but anyway here goes.
I was in a 3vs3 duel earlier on and a big argument happened all the way through it.

I was trying to explain mostly about Shura and Vayu but no one really listened and I even googled searched for a ruling and came up with a random guy's deck and how the card's work in his deck.So I got some help and clarification on BW and Oppression and here it is.

Pay attention mostly to Shura and Vayu as the argument was about them 2 but also take special note of Blizzard and how it can get around oppression.

Also pay very close attention to Breeze as it may confuse a few people.

Oppression vs. Blackwing - Gale: Oppression can negate Gale's summon, because it is an inherent summon and Oppression can negate inherent Summons.

Oppression vs. Blackwing - Bora: Oppression can negate Bora's summon, because it is an inherent summon and Oppression can negate inherent Summons.

Oppression vs. Blackwing - Shura: Oppression can't negate Shura because his effect to Special Summon a Blackwing from the deck activates in the Damage Step where Oppression can't be used.

Oppression vs. Blackwing - Blizzard: Oppression can be used since he has an effect to Special Summon another monster, that activates when he is summoned, and Oppression can negate effects that Special Summon monsters.
However there is a trick to avoid Blizzard getting negated by Oppression, but it only works if you have Black Whirlwind on the field. Summon Blizzard and activate both the effect of Whirlwind and Blizzard. They form a chain and you will choose which order they activate in. If you put Blizzard's effect as Chain Link 1 and Whirlwind's effect as Chain Link 2, Oppression can't be used since it has to be chained directly to the effect that Special Summons a monster.

Oppression vs. Blackwing - Vayu: Oppression can negate the effect of Vayu to Special Summon a Blackwing Synchro monster, however, since removing Vayu and the other Blackwing monster is not a cost, they will stay in the Graveyard, and can be used again right away. So if your opponent uses Oppression he is just wasting 800 LP each time.

Oppression vs. Blackwing - Gust: Oppression can be used to to negate the summoing of Gust as it's an inherent Special Summon.

Oppression vs. Blackwing - Ghibli: Oppression can be used to negate the summoning of Ghibli as the effect of Ghibli is used as soon as you launch a direct attack which is during the battle step where all Speed Spell 2 cards can be activated.

This may be a bit confusing so pay very close attention.
All these rulings apply outside of Damage Step. Oppression can't be activated during the damage step.
Oppression vs. Blackwing - Breeze: Oppression can negate the Special Summoning of Breeze if used as the proper chain link. Example if Breeze is added to the hand and Special Summoned right away then you can chain Oppression as Oppression is CL 3 since Breeze was CL 2 ect. If another card is chained in response to Breeze activating from the hand then Oppression wil miss the timing and Breeze will stay on the field.

Oppression can also negate the Special Summoning of Breeze if it's the proper timing when Breeze uses it's effect after the original chain. Breeze does not have to activate as soon as it's in your hand, it does not miss it's own timing if Breeze is added to your hand in the middle of resolving a chain, Breeze can activate it's effect after that chain has been resolved. In this case Oppression can be used if no cards are chained in response to the Activation of Breeze when it's in your hand as Breeze will be CL1 and Oppression will be CL2.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:13 am
If your opponent's didn't know this, they're just stupid.

It's a non-issue.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:51 am
it really goes without saying, but I think its good that someone posted this so that the new-comers can know this...not everyone looks into card rulings unfortunately
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:49 pm
i had some problems with the ' cant negate during damages step' ruling
effect that summons when you take battle damage, a monster is destroyed by battle and goes to grave and
flip effects that ss monsters when flipped face up by attacks.
it happens oftern but most people get it right after you explain them

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