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Rules for the game & forums, as well as some handy guides and articles.
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Hello and welcome to Duel Monsters Genesis,

This is a Guide on how you can play the Game. Please read carefully, line by line.

As you may know, you'll have to have a BYOND account to Play any BYOND game (Including DMG)

So, let's start with this:

*Note: If you can't View a Screenshot, please Right click it and open it a new Tab or in a new screen*


BYOND Guide:

To join BYOND, you'll have to register (Don't worry, it's all for free). Follow these Steps:

  1. Visit this Site:
  2. Make your Account.
  3. Note that you MUST enter a working E-Mail Address in order to make your Account Work, BYOND will send you an "Activation Message" when you are done with registering.
  4. Open the Link they'll send you and Grats! you're account has been activated!You can play games now!

Okay, we are done with BYOND, let's go and see how we'll play Duel Monsters Genesis.

Firstly and to Start Playing DMG, you will have to obey the DMG Game/Forum Rules.

Let's start with the In-Game Rules:

1. Game Rules

    Game Rules

    Posted by EternalDuelistSoul » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:51 pm

  1. Keep talk age appropriate. This includes avoiding use of excessive profanity, and use of profanity in topic threads. Do not discuss using bodily fluids as condiments/incest/bestiality/whatever sort socially unacceptable behavior you can think of. Keep your love life out of DMG past a PG 13 point. Do not post pornography, or any images that could be taken as offensive (e.g. gore/violence/human remains/).
  2. Religious debate & card games do not mix. There is no need to bring debate on religion to the forums, its simply not the place for it. Such posts will be removed.
  3. Do not spam. "o u" is not a constructive post and is considered spam. Just quoting somebody's statement without adding insight is spam. Think before you post. Read your post out loud before you post. In-Game this means not to ask for duels excessively. Wait a few lines, people can read.
  4. Avoid harassing users. Look, I realize this is a competitive game and things will get heated. Keep it about dueling, we don't know who is on the other side of the screen and nobody cares anyways. Talking smack is fine, but when a back an forth conflict between 2 users is flooding worldsay, it needs to move to another venue such as say or PM.
  5. Sharing of personal information. Do not share player's IRL information against their wishes. This includes using another player's picture as your avatar, or posting their picture when that is clearly not their desire. This applies to both in game, and in the forum.
  6. Advertising. As regular player of DMG, we are all happy that you play. Occasionally, dueling can tire you out and maybe you'll want to play another game. Sharing addresses is fine, but please use common sense when doing so. Players who log in with the sole intention of advertising will be banned, do not get mixed up with those users. Please consult a Host, Admin, or GM(if the host trusts them) before sharing addresses to other games in worldsay.
  7. Posting to increase post count. Posting for the sake of increasing your post count is considered spam, and such posts will be removed. This includes and is not limited to +1ing, and one or two word/letter responses such as "I C" and "Ok". Additionally, posting directly after own post & not just using the edit button. Be aware that your post count can and will be reset if your account is examined and looks suspicious (e.g. huge jumps in post counts over short periods of time).
  8. Abuse of Profile Fields. Includes adding HTML or text irrelevant to the field's name, example "Location: Hiding Under Yo Mommas Bed!".".
  9. Abuse of Avatar & Signature Images. Profanity, Pornagraphy and other images which are disturbing. No one wants to see, and at best you'll just be stripped of your ability to use them.

    If a Registered User breechs these guidelines, they may be warned. After 3 warnings your account will be limited. It's at the discretion of the DMG forum to decide if a user is deemed likely to continue disruptive behavior on the forum, and your account may simply be blocked or removed instead.

Okay, after you read these rules well, you can see the Forum Rules, please read carefully.

2. Forum Rules: (Posted from the old forums)

Breaking any of these rules will result in your post/thread being removed without warning. Additionally, repeat offenders will be warned. You get 3 warnings, then your banned.

  • Pornographic Links and Sexual Content (real or anime). Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.
  • Religious discrimination and discussion. This is not the place for it, and it does not need to be brought into any conversations.
  • No Leetspeak. Members should post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". That is users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly users should not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts.
  • No Spam Posts or Topics Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance. This includes offering hosting services (charged and free), installation services, solicitation etc. Recruiting members for your own projects (moderators, designers, professional MOD work, etc.) is not permitted and is also considered spam. Users posting spam will be warned and their post removed.
  • No Flaming Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.
  • Disrespecting the Owner Is not advised. Remember that DMU is offered 'as is' and its creator continues to update and improve the game how he see's fit at his own expense of time and money. If you are unhappy with the game or content you are welcome to try other games on the BYOND network.

Congratulations! After reading these rules well and carefully, you can now play Duel Monsters Genesis!

Note: If you can't see a Screenshot, right click it and choose "View Image", or "Open Image in a new tab".
This Guide has:

*Game Options.
*Deck Editing.
*Dueling. (In both, Arenas and Duel Disks)
*Speed Dueling.
*Private Messaging.
*Tag Dueling.
*Star Tournaments.
A-2 Game Options;

1- Usage Game Options [A];


Screen Size; Use this to change your In-Game Screen size to fit your Screen size.
Salvation Draw; It's optional, if you want to activate it or not. Usage; If you control a face-up Stardust Dragon and/or Red Dragon Archfiend, along with a face-up level 1 monster, you can activate the verb "Salvation Draw" (Options > Salvation Draw) during your Draw Phase or when you activate a card-drawing effect. You must have "Salvation Dragon - Savior Dragon" in your Deck.
Toggle Music; Optional as well, it's used to toggle the In-Game Music on and off.
Change Name; A feature that's used when you need to change your name, but remember, you can only change your name once a week.
Change Icon; Use this option to change your icon, you can choose between a large list of icons, and if you have 7 Star Points you'll be allowed to use a "Custom" Player icon you choose to use.
Change Team; Feature not yet Complete.
Choose Duel Disk; To change your duel disk style.
Edit Fixed Text; To change the End Turn, Ace Text, Attack Victory texts.
Duel Hand Overlap; Is used when you can't see your cards while you're in a duel because someone else Duel Disk, cards are Overlapping your duel.
2. Game & Server Information:-

Need help? Want to know more info about the Game or the Server you're on? Want to know what the Official Game Rewards are?

Click on "Help" then.

B- Start Playing:

Usage Game Options: [B]


Start Duel; To raise your duel disk in order to duel.
Duel Runner; Feature not yet complete.
Edit Deck; To Start making/editing your deck that you'll use to duel.
Watch Duel; To watch a duel.
Email; Feature not yet complete.


C- Deck Editor (Build your deck):

Welcome to Deck Editor, this is the place you edit/make your decks at, it's the Deck Factory!

Let's see what the Deck Editor has.

Firstly, let's view how the deck editor looks


Okay, now let's see what are all these things.

1. File:


1- New: Make your Deck.
2- Load: Load a deck that you made.
3- Save: Save your deck.
4- Search: Search Cards you want to add to your deck.
Screenshot: Image
5- Exit: Exit the Deck Editor. (Note, you must save your deck before clicking this, it won't auto save).

2. Format:

DMG has both the Advanced and the Traditional Formats.

Q:What's the Advanced/Traditional Format(s)?
Advanced Format:

Advanced Format is what is used as Default in DMU (So if you want to play with the Trad. Format, you'll have to change it as you'll see). Advanced Format includes the Forbidden List, the Limited List, and the Semi-Limited List.

Traditional Format:

The Traditional Format was created as a counterpart to the Advanced Format, since some players still wanted to play with the "Forbidden" cards. Traditional Format does not have a Forbidden List, instead possessing only Limited and Semi-Limited Lists, with all the Forbidden cards from Advanced Format placed in Limited.


Use that "Format" button to change your deck Format to the Advanced or the Traditional Format, and note that you must save your deck after changing the Format.

3. Actions;


  • View Restricted List. (View the Ban list of the Advanced or the Traditional formats)
  • View Monster Attacks. (To view the List of Monsters Attack names)
  • Add Cards by Name. (To add a list of cards by their names to your deck)

Packs & Others
Use them to search cards in packs and such.

"New Deck" or "Your Deck Name" Space (The one in Red); is the place of your Main Deck
Extra Deck (the one in Grey); is where your Fusion/Synchro Monsters are set.
Side Deck (the one in Blue); is where you put the cards you may need to use in your duels.



See the Green Square with this "Trunk" word?

This is the Trunk, where your decks are put, Right click your decks to Copy/Delete/View your deck(s).

Q: How can I add cards to my deck?
A: Bring the card you want to add, and put it in your deck.

How can I delete a card from my deck?
A: Double click the card you want to delete from your deck.

Q: How can I drop a deck?
A: You right click the deck you want to drop, (From the Trunk), click "Drop" and done, but note that after 2 minutes the KC Monkey will take this deck, so if someone wants to pick it up again, they should hurry.

Q: How can I pick up a deck?
A: Stand on the deck you want to pick, right click it and click "Pick Up".

The Ace Box; Bring the card you want to be your "favorite card" and put it in the "A" box.
Image <=== This Box

When you're done, click Save, make sure you do before you exit, It won't auto Save.

-To change your Avatar, click on that Avatar and choose a pic.
-Upload the pic you want at a "Uploading Images" site, I'd say or

-Keep in mind that the pic should be a "JPG" or "PNG" format (ends with .png/jpg)

View this Screenshot to see the Avatar Rules:


-Next to the Avatar, you'll find the number Star Points* you have you have-

Question: What are these?
Answer: Well, let me tell you about these functions:

Switch Duelist: A Special function, it allows you to take someone's place in a duel, you just stand next to the duelist you want to switch duel with, click it and done. You're playing for him in the duel.

Zoom: zoom in and out as you like. (You can only use this outside a duel, you can't use it during duel).
D- Dueling in DMG (Duel Disk, Duel Arenas):-
*** Note that the 'Start Duel' Command will be used in the 2 types of duels, the Duel Disk and the Duel Arenas.

***You should be 5 Spots away from your opponent in order to start any duel***

1- Duel Disk & Duel Verbs:

Atem says: It's time to d-d-d-d-d-Duel!

After you're done making your deck, it's time to Duel!

Duel Disk:

1- End your Duel.
2- Draw Card(s) from your deck.
3- View your Opponent's Graveyard and RFG.

Duel Verbs/Options:


Turn Phase Changer.

Draw Phase > Standby Phase > Main Phase 1 > Battle Phase > Main Phase 2 > End Phase.


Duel Options:

1- Tools:

*Activate Speed World: Use this to activate Speed World 1 & 2 to speed duel .
*Play Janken: Rock, Paper or Scissors?
*Make Counter: Make a Time Counter.
*Flip Coin: Head or Tails?
*Roll Dice: Roll a Dice.
*Show ATKs: Show Monsters Attacks on the field.
*Check Levels: Check Monsters' Levels on the field.
*Allow Switch: Allow Dueling Switch, view the Switch Duelist part.
*Surrender: Quit a duel.


2- Hand:

*Show Hand: Show your Opponent your entry hand.
*Random Select: Random Select a Card from your Hand.
*Send Cards from Hand: To Graveyard or the RFG place.

3- RFG:

*Send Cards from RFG: Send Cards from RFG to Hand, Grave or deck.


4- Deck:

*Pick Up Card: Draw and Show your opponent a Card:
*View Last Draw: Show your opponent the Last Card(s) you drew.
*Shuffle: Shuffle your deck.
*Send Cards From Deck: To Grave or RFG.
*View Top Cards: View the card(s) you're about to draw.
*Show Top Cards: Show your opponent the cards you're about to draw.
*Arrange Top Cards: Arrange Top cards of your deck.
*Reverse deck: Reverse your deck.
*Random Select: Random select a Card from your deck.

5- Graveyard:

*Switch: Switch your deck with your Grave.
*Random Select: Random Select a Card from your Grave.

6- Extra Deck:

*Random Select: Random select a Card from your Extra Deck.
*Send Cards from Extra Deck: Random discard a Card from your Extra deck.
2. Duel Arenas:-
-To use Duel Arenas, go to one of the duel arenas and put your deck in that arena by clicking on the "Start Duel" Command. It'll start the duel once you do that.


The Green Tab End your duel.
The Yellow one to change your Life Points.

3. Speed Dueling

But I have a question;
What's a speed duel?
And how can I speed duel?

Speed Duels Rules Posted by: UnknownDuelist

Also known as a 'Turbo Duel'. A Riding Duel's main difference from a standard Duel is the activation of a Field Spell called Speed World at the start.

Before you begin, you should look in both the "Duel Acceleration!!" (Y5DA) and "Destiny of the Signers" (Y5DS) Sets for Speed Spells. It also contains Trap Cards and Monster Cards that affect Speed World. Additionally you can find a range of converted Speed Spells in a Set called "Spell Accelerator" (SACR) that will help fill the gaps that have been left (Speed World is not a supported part of the OCG, and exists only in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Anime). It also contains a handful of Speed Spells that featured only in WC09 on the Nintendo DS.

TIP: If you are building a Deck for Speed Duels, searching for "Speed Spell" in the Deck Editor will only list the Speed Spells in official sets.

Once you have created your Deck, you can begin a Duel.

Ready? Set! Duel!


After you have started a Duel, go to the Tools menu and select 'Activate Speed World'. The game will automatically activate a Field Spell known as Speed World for all players in the Duel.
You cannot be the only player with Speed World on the field in a Duel.

Speed World, Speed Counters & Speed Spells


Normally, a player will gain 1 Speed Counter on each Standby Phase of the Duel (including your opponents).
If you take damage (by an effect or by battle) you remove 1 Speed Counter from your Speed World equal to that damage divided by 1000.


While Speed World is on the field, you cannot activate any Spell Cards except "Speed Spell" Spell Cards.
All Speed Spells require a certain number of Speed Counters in order to activate, and their effects vary and become more powerful with higher Speed Counter requirements. Some Speed Spells require counter removal as well as a certain number of counters to activate.

You can be strategic by damaging your opponent's Life Points to reduce the number of Speed Counters they have, thereby limiting which Speed Spells they can activate.
Keeping your Speed Counters higher than your opponent's is the key to victory!

Speed Worlds automation in DMU

While this automation has limitations, where possible the game will help by automating the more common tasks of Speed World.
  • When a player Ends their turn, the game will automatically increase both players Speed Counters by 1.
  • NOTE* The counter increase actually happens in the next turns Standby Phase, but since most players will never use this unless a specific card requires activation in it, its done at the End Phase to make sure it happens each turn.
  • When you reduce your Life Points by more than 1000, the game will ask you if you want to reduce your Speed Counters by an amount related to your decrease (e.g. -2000 would ask if you want to reduce your Counters by 2).
  • You will not be allowed to play any Spell Card that does not have 'Speed Spell' in its Card Name.
  • Any Speed Spell that has a Speed Counter requirement will check the players Speed Counters first, and will not allow them to activate if if they do not meet the requirements.
  • Gate Blocker, Gate Blocker #2 are automated as well as Full Throttle.

Additional Speed World Rules

  • During the very first turn of a Duel, neither player gets a counter.
  • Speed World is considered to be a face-up Field Spell for any card effects that apply (e.g. Earth Immortals).
  • Speed World cannot be destroyed or removed from the field, and as such has no option to do so.
  • The effect(s) of Speed World cannot be negated unless a card specifically states Speed World in its card text.
Another Speed Dueling Guide:

Wolfgang DelaSangre wrote:Rules of the Road: A Guide to Turbo Duels

Welcome, Duelists, to Turbo Dueling! Turbo Duels are a new way to duel, with high-speed Duel Runners and a new set of rules! When the Field Spell Card "Speed World" or "Speed World 2" is on the field, the game changes entirely!

Different Roads

As I mentioned, there are two different Field Spell Cards that can be used in Turbo Duels: "Speed World" and "Speed World 2". Let's look at them.


Speed World
Field Spell Card
If a player activates a Spell Card, other than a "Speed Spell", they take 2000 damage. During each player's Standby Phase, both players place 1 Speed Counter on this card (max. 12 for each player). When a player takes damage, they lose 1 Speed Counter every 1000 points of damage taken.


Speed World 2
Field Spell Card
If a player activates a Spell Card, other than a "Speed Spell", they take 2000 damage. During each player's Standby Phase, both players place 1 Speed Counter on this card (max. 12 for each player). You can remove any number of Speed Counters from this card to activate 1 of the following effects:
● 4: Inflict 800 damage to your opponent for each "Speed Spell" card in your hand.
● 7: Draw 1 card.
● 10: Destroy 1 card on the field.

Basic Handling

The fact that there are two different "Speed World" cards makes a huge difference in you duel. They have drastically different effects, and these differences are what determine how you should handle the race. But you may have noticed that the two cards do have two of the same effects.

No matter what sort of Turbo Duel you're in, activating Spell Cards isn't always a great idea. If you do use a Spell Card, you automatically take 2000 points of damage (the game takes care of this for you). You'll instead be relying on "Speed Spells" and Trap Cards a lot more than you normally would. Your monsters will also play a larger role since you'll be using the Battle Phase a lot more.

Both players also gain "Speed Counters" during each Standby Phase.

Speed Counters

Speed Counters (also known as "SPC") basically tell you how fast you are going. Both players begin the duel with no Speed Counters, but they increase in speed each turn. During every Standby Phase, a Speed Counter is placed on "Speed World" or "Speed World 2" for each player. The game does this automatically, but you have to click on the Standby Phase button to make it do this.

Speed Counters are important because they let you use "Speed Spell" cards. The more Speed Counters you have, the more powerful a "Speed Spell" you can cast. Having twelve Speed Counters is known as "Max Speed", and it means you can activate any "Speed Spell".

What are Speed Spells?

"Speed Spell" cards are simply Spell Cards with "Speed Spell" in their names, and they work exactly the same way as regular Spell Cards. You'll be using this in Turbo Duels a lot. Let's look at one.


Speed Spell - The End of the Storm
Spell Card
Activate only while you have 10 or more Speed Counters. Destroy all monsters on the field and inflict 300 damage to each player for each monster they controlled that was destroyed by this effect.

This is one of the most powerful Speed Spells in the game. In order to play it, you have to have at least 10 Speed Counters, which can take a while to get to since you only gain 1 Speed Counter each turn. But it can be well worth the wait. Don't worry, though, not all Speed Spells have this high a price. For instance, to play the "Vision Wind" Speed Spell, you only need at least 2 Speed Counters.

A helpful Speed Spell is "Overboost" which not only doesn't require ANY Speed Counters, but will also speed you up by 4 Speed Counters! However, this card can be tricky because once your turn is over, you lose that speed boost and the number of Speed Counters you have becomes 1.

Two Worlds: What's the difference?

We've seen how the two "Speed World" cards are similar. Now lets look at how they're different.

In the original "Speed World", getting hurt can mess up your game. If you take damage, you'll slow down and lose Speed Counters: 1 for every 1000 points of damage you took. If you got hit by a direct attack from "Power Invader" (ATK/2200), then you would lose 2 Speed Counters.

Don't worry too much, though. Different amounts of damage don't add up. If you took a direct attack from "Masked Sorcerer" (ATK/900) right after "Power Invader"'s attack, you wouldn't lose another Speed Counter.

Because of this little quirk, it can be difficult to activate your Speed Spells if you keep taking damage. You may end up relying a lot on your Trap Cards. Some people don't run Speed Spells at all in "Speed World"!

"Speed World 2" is a completely different card, and is much more powerful. Most players prefer this card because you don't lose Speed Counters if you take damage, and its three effects are also very helpful. These effects can be activated by paying your Speed Counters.

If you pay 4 Speed Counters, then you can show every "Speed Spell" you have in your hand to your opponent. Then they'll take 800 points of damage for each "Speed Spell" you're holding!

If you play 7 "Speed Counters", then you can draw a card. This can be really helpful in a tight spot.

Paying 10 Speed Counters activates the most powerful effect of "Speed World 2". With it, you can destroy 1 card on either side of the field! But the price is hefty, so use this effect wisely.

Also, these effects are now completely automatic! I'll tell you how to activate them later.

What's in a name?

While we're on the subject of automated effects, I would like to introduce you to three cards whose effects are fully automated by the game when dueling in "Speed World".

Gate Blocker
- "Gate Blocker" is a Level 4 monster with 2000 Defense Points. It's effect prevents your opponent from gaining Speed Counters with the effect of "Speed World".

Gate Blocker 2
- "Gate Blocker 2" is a Level 6 monster with 3000 Defense Points. It can be Normal Summoned, but it can also be Special Summoned by Tributing the original "Gate Blocker". It's second effect is exactly the same as the original "Gate Blocker".

Full Throttle
- "Full Throttle" is a Continuous Trap Card that increases the number of Speed Counters that you gain through the effect of "Speed World".

Now, I said these cards are automated in "Speed World". They are not, however, automated at all in "Speed World 2". The reason is that all three of these cards refer to "Speed World" specifically. Since "Speed World 2" is a different name, these cards don't work with it at all. There is no card effect, condition, or game rule that treats "Speed World 2" as the original "Speed World". They are two different cards.

However, this same ruling has made one specific card VERY powerful indeed. What is it? Well, I'll leave you to figure that one out for yourself! I'm not going to spoil everything right away.

So how do they work?

Now that you know the effects of the two Speed Worlds and what Speed Counters and Speed Spells are, you're probably wondering how all of this works.

When the duel starts one of the two Field Spells is activated. Simply go up to the Tools menu and select "Activate Speed World". This will bring up a menu that lets you choose which card to use.

WARNING: If you activate EITHER "Speed World" card before the both of you have drawn your hands, you won't get to draw all 5 cards at once. Instead, you'll have to draw those 5 cards one at a time, so wait until ALL PLAYERS have drawn their opening hands.

1) Image

2) Image

During the duel, don't forget to enter your Standby Phase! Doing so automatically increases both players' Speed Counters by 1.

If you need to change your Speed Counters with a card effect, such as the Trap Card "Acceleration Zone", you can change your Speed Counters yourself by clicking on the SPC Counter in the top-left corner of the World Screen. If you're dueling in "Speed World 2", you can also activate its effects.

A New World: Speed World 2

As I mentioned earlier, the effects of "Speed World 2" are now fully automatic. To activate them, simply click on the "Speed World 2" in your Field Spell Zone, or click on your SPC Counter in the corner of your screen.

After that, just choose one of the effects and the game takes care of the rest. If you pick the first effect, the game will automatically reveal every "Speed Spell" in your hand, remove the necessary 4 SPC, and deal the damage to your opponent.

If you choose the 2nd effect, the game will automatically remove 7 SPC and draw a card for you.

If you choose the third effect, first it will bring up a window asking you to pick a player. If the card you want to destroy is on a certain player's field, then pick that player. After you've chosen, the game will bring up another window that shows each card on that player's field. Pick one and the game will automatically destroy that card and remove the 10 SPC.

Additional Rules

Well, now you know how to begin a Turbo Duel and how to use the commands. But there are still some other rules that we have to cover. Remember, these rules apply to both "Speed World" AND "Speed World 2".

1) No one gains Speed Counters on the first turn of the duel, so don't enter your Standby Phase if you are going first. When your opponent's turn comes, both players will have 1 Speed Counter, but they still won't be able to use most Speed Spells. However, you can still gain Speed Counters through other effects on the first turn, such as "Speed Spell - Count Up".

2) A "Speed World" card cannot be removed from the field, flipped face-down, targeted, or continuously negated. However, other effects can still affect what they do. For example, the Counter Trap Card "Barrel Behind the Door" can be used when your opponent uses the effect of "Speed World 2" to inflict 800 damage for each "Speed Spell" in your hand. One-time negation effects can also be used. For example, you could use "Stardust Dragon" to negate the third effect of "Speed World 2" which destroys a card on the field. "Speed World 2" will not be destroyed, but the effect will be negated.

3) No one controls "Speed World" or "Speed World 2". This is because it is a single card that exists in everyone's Field Spell Card Zone at the same time, just like how the Trap Monster "Embodiment of Apophis" is in a Monster Card Zone and a Spell & Trap Card Zone at the same time. This is probably the most complicated rule, but once you think about Apophis, it's not complicated at all. Plus, since no one "controls" these Field Spells, it means you can use cards like "Treeborn Frog" in Turbo Duels!

If you're new to Turbo Duels, I recommend dueling in "Speed World 2" to get the hang of it.

And that's it. I hope you found this guide helpful. Have fun, and good dueling!

Riding Duel!

E- Private Messaging;
You can send Private Messages to other people by clicking on their Avatars (The Avatar Next to them).


Then this screen appears;

You write your message and then click "Enter".
F-Tag Dueling;

To start a Tag Duel, like any other duel, you must raise your duel disk, but you should stand like what the picture shows.


And then click on the "Tag Duel" Tab.


After that, click on the "Toggle Tag Marker", this command allows you to toggle the Tag Markers (The colored circles) where the other players stand in order to start the Tag.

When you get the 3 Players with raised duel disks in the Markers, click "Start Tag".

Now for the other commands:

Add Partner: Use this to add a partner in your team.
Remove Partner: To remove a partner you added in your team.
List Opponents: View a list of your opponents.
List Partners: View a list of your partners.

G- Star Tournaments & Star Points*;


Star Tournaments:

Star Tournaments are the Official Game Tournaments, you gain Star Points from them which allow you to use Extra Features in Game. You earn Star Points and also Game Medals by joining "Star Tournaments" which are placed here in the Star Tournaments Forum


Star Points*:
These are the Star Tournaments Rewards, which allow you to use some Extra Features in the Game.

Q: "But What are these Functions?"

1. The Ability to use a Custom Icon. (You will need 7 (S)tar (P)oints to do this.
2. The Ability to Change Team, change your Team Name (You need 1 SP for this) But *Feature Not Yet Complete*

You can see more info about the Star Points by clicking on "Help" > "What are Star Points?" to view what's Locked and Unlocked for you, depends on how many Star Points you have.




Congratulations! after reading this Guide, you can now play Duel Monsters Genesis.

I hope this Guide was helpful for you.

Original guide thread posted on July 2008.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:33 pm
I know about that Guide, and I don't see any problem with having more than 1 Guide.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:42 pm
Im in this guide therefore, this guide > Ambix's guide ;D
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:44 pm
ShadowLordX wrote:Im in this guide therefore, this guide > Ambix's guide ;D

Agreed. Not for you, but for Obby.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:04 pm
Anyways you should move this to the Guide section.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:31 am
Good job again, Ares. ;p time to macro this. xD
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:26 pm
I've already covered Turbo Duels, Obelisk.

Also, you misspelled "beginners".
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:33 pm
Lolz, inb4 guide drama.

Edit: Inafter also it seems.
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:14 pm
Seraphimon Obelisk wrote:Image

Jeez, what was I ranting about? :?

Now i'm curious.

Oh, and kickass guide, fatbat.

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