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PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:48 pm
So, you've found yourself dead & possessed by an evil 5000 year old god, or you've just been beaten up by one. Here's some stuff you need to know....


Killer Whale

Dark Verbs

Toggle Flamewall
Either makes a Flame Wall, exactly 7 spaces above and below you (that expands across the entire length of the map) or removes one (leaving burn marks behind). The wall is always centered on your player and is needed in order for Earthbound Immortals to use their Soul stealing ability.

Do not spam this feature, use it sparingly. If you are going to put it somewhere, put it there and leave it till you are finished Dueling.

Soul Swap (Duel Only)
All good Dark Signers like to toy with their opponents. Should you find yourself in a tough spot, let someone else take the heat for you. Using this will let you select 1 Player that your Earthbound Immortal has absorbed and placed in the holding area and switch them with you in the Duel.

Release Souls (See Soul Sucking)
Places all players that were captured by your Earthbound Immortal back on the map exactly where they were when they were absorbed. They get free sparkle for their troubles.

Voice Clip
Assorted voice samples from the anime. This will show you sound bytes that are relevant to the Mark you have. The sound effects will play to anyone watching your Duel, and also anyone within range who can see it.

The Immortals

Depending on the Dark Signer's Dark Mark, they will gain a more powerful form of their respective Earthbound Immortal.

Common Changes:

  • This card is unaffected by your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards.
  • If there is no face-up Field Spell Card on the field, the following effect(s) are negated and this card is destroyed at the End Phase.

Card Specific Changes:

Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca (ATK 1 / DEF 1)
Once per turn, you can skip your Battle Phase to reduce your opponent's Life Points to 1.

Earthbound Immortal Uru
You can Tribute 1 monster to gain control of 1 face-up monster your opponent controls until the End Phase.

Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu
When this card is removed from the field, except by its own effect, destroy all monsters your opponent controls, and inflict 800 damage to your opponent for each monster destroyed.

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu
(No Change)

Earthbound Immortal Cusillu
If this face-up card you control would be destroyed, except by its own effect, you can Tribute 1 other monster you control instead and halve your opponent's Life Points.

Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua (DEF 1600)
(No Change)

Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua
(No Change)


Dark Draw (Universal)
Allows you to draw an Earthbound Immortal monster from your Deck instead of your Normal Draw.
- Your Life Points must be higher than your Opponents.
- There must be a Field Spell Card either on the field, or in your Hand.
- You must control no other Earthbound Immortal Monsters, and not have one in your hand already.
- This function is 1 in 3. Its not guaranteed to activate.

Bend Destiny (Hummingbird)


Final Turn Battle Phase
If you enter your Battle Phase, while you have an Earthbound Immortal monster on the field. If its ATK is higher or equal to any opponent's Life Points, then it will play the following BG music.

Soul Sucking
When an Earthbound Immortal is summoned, it will seek any players standing within the Flame Wall, and absorb them. Dueling players are unaffected (including your Opponent).

Un-Banned Cards in Advanced Format
Curse Bound Prison @ 3 (used by Demak)
Passion of Vai Mahse @ 3 (used by Rex Goodwin)


Q. I'm stuck behind/in the flame wall, how do I get past them?
A. Walk to either end of the flames, and the part where it joins the Duel Lane is passable.


Q. How do I become a Dark Signer?
A. Please do not pester or ask in-game to be a Dark Signer or Signer. It's obviously a very popular 'feature' for its novelty at the moment, and floods of requests cannot possibly all go answered to everyone's satisfaction. There are no plans as yet on how these would be (if ever) handed out.

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