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Rules for the game & forums, as well as some handy guides and articles.
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A mandatory list of what is and is not acceptable.

  • General Game Conduct

    • Do not repeatedly harass users or login just to instigate trouble.
    • Deliberate cheating and/or misrepresentation of game/card rulings will not be tolerated.
    • Please do not spam or take up too many lines.
    • Please do not advertise other BYOND games.
    • Please do not overlap duels.
    • Please do not discuss content of sexual nature. This is a children's card game, try to keep worldsay age appropriate.
    • Racist, Sexist, and other derogatory remarks are not acceptable behavior.
    • Please do not share a player's real life details (this includes posting their Pictures, Email, Facebook etc etc).
    • Please report bugs when you encounter them. Maliciously abusing bugs will result in your removal from the game.
    • Avoid excessive profanity. This game should be suitable for EVERYONE. Not just you.
    • No profanity in names. Period.

  • Duel Conduct
    While participating in a Star Tournament, you should observe the following at all times:

    • Spamming
      Either through the use of Verbs (e.g. hitting the Phase buttons over and over) or filling the Chat window with the same words or gibberish repeatedly (even if it's not in WorldSay, it's still spam). It's bad practice, annoying, and not welcome (even in Causal Play).

    • Time Wasting
      Stalling and going AFK in a Duel in order to annoy or force your opponent into submission.

    • Trash Talk
      In a competitive game, insults and harsh words are bound to let loose. But keep it in check.
  • Spectator Conduct
    While watching a Duel in progress (at any time) you should be mindful of the following:

    • Spamming (See Duel Conduct)

    • Giving Hints or Heckling
      The game is supposed to be fun. Unless one of the players asks, resist the temptation to give "advice". This is especially true in a Star Tournament. You should never interfere with a Duel in a Tournament Server. You will be removed from the server, even if you are a participant. Heckling a player is also poor practice, and a player is within their rights to tell you to stop, and report you if you do not.

    • Unrelated Chat
      It's rude to hold a conversation in the View-Say. If you wish to discuss something unrelated to the Duel, or get into a heated argument then take it to PMs and save the players and spectators the pain of having to scroll through your bickering to see the actual Duel.

    The result of the above may not only lead to removal from a server, but a restriction on your future participation in Star Tournaments.

  • Custom Icon Rules
    Rules are displayed upon selecting a Custom Icon in-game. They are there to provide a certain standard of quality, and keep the tone of the game suitable for everyone. They are not open for debate.
    For your convenience they are repeated below;

    • Icon File Size limit is 15Kb.
    • You may NOT use solid blocks of colors, cards, or other inanimate objects (that includes invisible icons).
    • Your icon must represent a character, animal or person.
    • Nothing offensive. Swearing, Cursing, Pornography or anything else unsuitable for all ages.
    • No garish animations. Rapid flashing and so forth looks silly and tacky, its also distracting and annoying. If your icon is animated, keep it tasteful!
    • Do not Icon Spam; this is the process of switching icon within the server within a short space of time. Choose one and use it.
    Remember to allow time for your icon to upload and refresh within the server! It may not appear instantly on servers with many players.

    The Guide Lines for Custom Icons are not optional. You agree to them by using a Custom Icon, which is a privilege not a right.
    If you break these rules on purpose you risk being banned from a server, or even the game indefinitely.

  • Avatar Rules
    Due to the consistent rubbish that has appeared in players Avatar's upon the change from pre-set to Custom, the following rules now apply:

    • Your Avatar can be a Person, Character or humanoid of Anime Origin.
    • Your Avatar can be a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Image.
    • Your Avatar cannot be anything else not listed above.

    During this transition, Admins and TMs may give you helpful reminders that you to change your Avatar to something acceptable. If you refuse however, they are permitted to remove you from the Server. Stubborn players may find themselves removed permanently.

    Attempting to include HTML, FLASH or animated images in your Avatar is a direct breach of the game rules. You will be banned on sight.

  • Bug Abuse
    If you encounter a bug or glitch it is helpful (and strongly encouraged) that you report it on these forums as soon as possible. It is not an unreasonable request since this helps the players (you) as well as the game.

    It is not acceptable to use that bug or glitch to your advantage. If you decide to abuse that bug or glitch for the purposes of gaining (but not limited to) items, features, ranks or rewards, or in order to cause disruption or annoyance, then you should not hold expectations of being able to play the game for much longer after.

    Fair (and only) warning.

Game Staff
Please take note that the Staff in-game are not directly affiliated with myself, DMG or any of the work or effort that has been put into it. If you have a disagreement with a member of the game staff (which are Admin and TM only; GM ranks are given by each individual Server Host), do not bring it to this game. You need to take it up with them elsewhere. Admins and TMs are chosen to help enforce certain game rules, and to run Tournaments for its player base. They do not work on, with or have any connections with the Game itself beyond that.

Additional rules may be added as and when needed at the discretion of EternalDuelistSoul.
It is your responsibility alone to keep a check on these rules to make sure you are abiding by them.

If a player, for any reason, has to be Globally Banned from the game, they will automatically forfeit all in-game privileges, rewards or rankings.

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