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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:51 pm
Inspired from Swift, figured we need a separate thread with these in it:

To become a ruling moderator, you will need to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Know card rulings and game mechanics.

If you think Effect Veiler instantly resolves, ignoring chaining mechanics, and it cannot be chained to by the opponent, then you probably should not be a Ruling Moderator. If in doubt about a ruling or mechanic, look it up.

2. Resolve disputes.

Telling players "lower your duel disk" is not resolving a dispute. You will need to go over to their duel and work through their problem just as we have done in Star Tournaments. If a player refuses to follow a ruling you gave, call over a GM and have them banned. We are not going to play games. Within the RM rank, we will have a pecking order at some point for player appeals, but players will need to understand that they cannot refuse an RMs ruling. In the event of two ruling moderators disagreeing, an administrator will break the tie.

3. Actively log into the game and assist players

Simply thinking "I deserve RM because _____" is not enough. You will actually be expected to do work. You will need to resolve people's disputes. You will need to assist players. If a new player does not know how to use the search feature, you will tell them how to use it. If a new player does not know how to play at all, Google the Konami flash tutorial and link them to that. It is expected that RMs conduct themselves as model players.

4. RMs will not resolve their own ruling disputes or disputes in a tournament in which they are a participant

Please note that as RM, you are not an authority in your own duel that you are participating in. Someone else/another RM will need to resolve your ruling dispute. Also, please note that only tournament hosts can appoint judges. Having RM does not automatically make you a judge in all Star Tournaments

Other guidelines may be added at any time out of necessity or by suggestion of staff/players.

We do reserve the right to remove RM medals at any time, but it will be discussed first before permanent removal of the rank. If you are found to not actually be helping out players or mocking them, you will be removed.

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