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Rules for the game & forums, as well as some handy guides and articles.
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General Etiquette

- Avoid use of excessive profanity, and do not use profanity in topic titles
- Do not discuss using bodily fluids as condiments/incest/bestiality/whatever sort socially unacceptable behavior you can think of. Keep your love life out of DMG.
- Do not post pornography, or any images that could be taken as offensive. If you have to ask if an image is offensive, then it is.
- Do not post topics in CAPS, it's considered rude & trollish, there is no need to shout!

Forum Usernames

- No profanity in names, hidden or implied.
- Sexually suggestive or names containing sexual innuendo are not permitted.
- Names meant to harass another user are not permitted (ie. X PERSON IS A BITCH).

Religious debate

There is no need to bring debate on religion to the forums, its simply not the place for it. Such posts will be removed.


"o u" is not a constructive post and is considered spam. Just quoting somebody's statement without adding insight is spam. Any post that doesn't have anything to do, nor makes much in the way of a contribution to the thread it was posted in is considered spam. Naturally, discussions digress and evolve, but you can usually tell if something is going to be spam or not (i.e. there's a thread about the war in Iraq and two members start carrying on a conversation about chocolate. Time and place both completely inappropriate). Keep discussion on-topic and think before you post (see: General Etiquette).

That said, you want to avoid posting spam. If you notice any spam, don't call the person out on it, just contact a mod, otherwise you're only contributing towards more spam.


Do not feed the trolls. If you come here simply to disrupt the community then your account will just be removed. Fair warning.

1a. Noun
One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

1b. Noun
A person who, on a message forum of some type, attacks and flames other members of the forum for any of a number of reasons such as rank, previous disagreements, sex, status, etc.
A troll usually flames threads without staying on topic, unlike a "Flamer" who flames a thread because he/she disagrees with the content of the thread.

Post counts (See: Spam).

Posting for the sake of increasing your post count is considered spam, and such posts will be removed. This includes and is not limited to +1ing, and one or two word/letter responses such as "I C" and "Ok". Additionally, posting directly after own post & not just using the edit button is considered poor practice. Be aware that your post count can (and will) be reset if your account is examined and looks suspicious (e.g. huge jumps in post counts over short periods of time).

Avatar, Signatures & of Profile Fields.
No Profanity, Pornography and other images which are disturbing. No one wants to see, and at best you'll just be stripped of your ability to use them. Including HTML or text irrelevant to the profile field's name (e.g. Location: Hiding Under Yo Mommas Bed! ) is considered spam.

The maximum size of a signature should be 5 lines of text OR 1 image with a maximum size of 500px width x 200px height. Do NOT stack quote tags.
If you do use an image it must NOT exceed 250kb in size

The maximum size of an avatar is 120px height x 120px width
The image size must NOT exceed 80kb


This is a competitive game & sometimes things will get heated. Keep it about dueling, we don't know who is on the other side of the screen and nobody cares anyways.

Talking smack is fine, but when a back an forth conflict between 2 users resorts to flaming and personal attacks, it needs to move to another venue (PM) or just stop. It is only a game after all....

Sharing of Personal Information

Posting another members IRL (In-Real Life) information against their wishes is an instant ban. This includes using another player's picture as your avatar, posting their picture when that is clearly not their desire, sharing their private blog links or images etc etc. This applies to both in game, and in the forum.



As regular player of DMG, we are all happy that you play. Occasionally, dueling can tire you out and maybe you'll want to play another game. You may wish to talk about such games, and this is what Neo Domino is for. Members who post with the sole intention of advertising another non-official Yu-Gi-Oh game will be banned immediately.

Private Messages.

The PM system is used for many things, both for communication between players and for tournaments, and by its nature, it is private. This system is intended for personal matters, but is ultimately not above punishment. Should PMs be sent from one player to another containing content that you, the user, feel are unacceptable, such as and including solicitations, threats, age inappropriate content, etc., then you are encouraged to report the PM, where it will be reviewed by either a Forum Moderator or an Administrator. Please, do NOT respond to such PMs. If the person sending the PM is a Forum Moderator, or an Administrator, then you are still encouraged to use the Report function, but should also send a PM to a Forum Moderator or Administrator who is not involved, with the complete contents of the offending PM, as well as your complaints.

Additional rules may be added as and when needed.

If a Registered User breaches these guidelines, they may be warned. After 3 warnings your account will be suspended. It's at the discretion of the DMG forum to decide if a user is deemed likely to continue disruptive behavior on the forum, and your account may simply be blocked or removed instead.

Members should not re-post threads or posts that have been removed by Moderators.

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