Guide for New Players (updated 3-11-2015)

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Welcome to Duel Monsters Genesis!

Your opening screen upon logging in should resemble something like this;

To start, you'll be wondering how to make a deck. Well it's simple, really. Press F2 (if on a laptop, I believe you press your Fn key and then F2) or click your character icon to bring up the Deck Editor. Which should look like this;

(For clicking your character)

Now, to make a deck, you'll want to go up into File -> New deck. In order to search for cards, you use File -> Search.

When searching (at the time of making this guide) you sadly can't press enter. But you do have a neat OK button! Also, if you aren't new to Yu-Gi-Oh! you can also add by card name. Also, up by the File dropdown, you can also search for cards by generations/card packs. This includes anime cards. Make sure to save often as well, that way you don't lose your deck randomly.

To add cards, you can add by name (as stated above) or by dragging them into the Main/Extra/Side deck areas. To remove them, just double-click.

Now, in order to duel, you may need to adjust your screen in-game. To do this, press F3. (or click your character and go to Options) I have my settings like this;

To duel, press F1 or click your character and select duel. In order to have enough room, spacing is 8 tiles from your character to your opponents character, and should look like this;

Now, you'll be wondering how you actually duel here. Here, we're a manual based game with a few automatic options. Generally speaking, in order to see who goes first, players either roll a die (Press CTRL-1 or click on the Duel dropdown.) or play Rock, Paper, Scissors. (Ctrl-J or in the Duel dropdown, Play Janken)

As a side note, we have Tag duels and Free-For-Alls. You can have up to 3v3 for tags, and 6 person FFAs. To start one of these, there are a few buttons in the top right of the screen. Click those and you're on your way to doing either of these. Note: The person starting one of these duels must be facing South. (Character looks like it's facing you.)

Now, once you have your duel set up, to draw, you can click on your deck in the bottom left or press CTRL-D. To play cards, click on them, select what you want to do with them, and boom, you just played a card. If wanting to Synchro or Xyz summon, go into your Extra deck by clicking it, select the card, then you'll be prompted to select the monsters you wish to use, after that, voila, you just Synchro/Xyz summoned. Now, to Pendulum Summon, build your scale (Ie; Qliphort Scout and Qliphort Monolith) select either card, and select *Pendulum Summon. This brings up a prompt of what monsters you wish to summon. Note: Pendulum Summoning (at the time of making this guide) defaults into summoning the monsters in Attack Position. Please let your opponent know you which position you want each monster in.

To modify your life points, click on the life points area on your duel disk and use + / * - to affect them.

Now, you may be wondering how to leave the duel. To do so, simply use Ctrl-Q or in the duel dropdown, select quit.

As for other functions, feel free to explore the dropdowns, as they're all there. Summoning tokens is on the card that is able to summon the token. You can also ask your opponent or others in the game, but it's not complicated. We have staff like myself who'll help you along if needed as well.

You may also see the term ST or Star Tournaments come up in chat, or you'll be elsewhere on the forum, or be curious as to what SP and SSP are for. Star Tournaments are tournaments that TMs (Tournament Moderators) host usually on the weekends. How many people participate and where you place will get you a certain amount of SP and SSPs. SPs (Star Points) get you in game goodies like a custom icon or different card backings. SSPs (Seasonal Star Points) are for how well you did in a given format, being the best in a format will net you exclusive rewards like a medal and other things.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing. I hope this helps you in bettering your experience on Duel Monsters Genesis.

As per Fateggs request, I made an updated loose guide for DMG. Feel free to edit (those who can) what should be added in. Others, feel free to leave constructive criticism and I'll edit it in if needed.

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