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What is a Star Tournament?

Star Tournaments are announced on the Duel Monsters Genesis forums (here) and are the only Tournaments in the game in which you can gain SPs. After participating you are awarded certain numbers of SP depending on where you placed (which can also mean none if you finnished at the bottom). SPs [Star Points] are cumulative, and reflect your overall ranking in the game relation to other Duelists. You can check your placement on the games HUB under the Standings section.

Additionally, gaining SP also unlocks a small number of in-game features.

How many Star Points can i win in this Tournament?

The following is the ratio of SP given depending on the Tournament Size and where you placed.
This is applied to every Star Tournament.

100+ Player Tournaments (Advanced Format)

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 1st
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 2nd

ImageImageImageImageImageImage 3rd
ImageImageImageImageImageImage 4th

ImageImageImageImage 5th ~ 8th

ImageImage 9th ~ 16th

64 Player Tournaments (Advanced Format)

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 1st
ImageImageImageImageImageImage 2nd

ImageImageImageImageImage 3rd
ImageImageImageImageImage 4th

ImageImageImage 5th ~ 8th

Image 9th ~ 16th

32 Player Tournaments (Advanced Format)

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 1st
ImageImageImageImageImage 2nd

ImageImageImageImage 3rd
ImageImageImageImage 4th

ImageImage 5th ~ 8th

Swiss Bonuses

In addition to the above prizes, a Swiss Tournament will also award the following "Bonus" Stars for Tournaments with at least 5 rounds of Swiss based on the players performance in those Swiss rounds.

ImageImageImageImageImage All Players with the Best Win/Loss Score (Typically X-0)
ImageImageImageImage All Players with the 2nd Best Win/Loss (Typically X-1)
ImageImage All Other Players in the Top 16

-Swiss Bonuses edit by IceFire2050

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