Tournament Rules and Guidelines Effective 2/3/2016

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General game rules, and how you should be acting;
General Game Conduct
  • Avoid deliberate harassment of users. Reference the Princeton Dictionary for an acceptable definition of harassment.
  • Please do not spam or take up too many lines.
  • Please do not advertise other BYOND games.
  • Please do not overlap duels.
  • Follow game play rules and do not mislead players with incorrect card rulings. Deliberately giving false card rulings is grounds for immediate ban.
  • Please do not discuss content of sexual nature. This is a children's card game, try to keep worldsay age appropriate.
  • Please do not share player's real life details against their will. (this includes their Pictures, Email, Facebook etc etc).
  • Please report bugs when you encounter them. Maliciously abusing bugs will result in your removal from the game.
  • Avoid excessive profanity. This game should be suitable for EVERYONE. Not just you.
  • There is no need to bring debate on religion in Game, its simply not the place for it.
  • No profanity in names. Period.
  • Do not abuse bugs; report them on the forums, instead.
  • Don't impersonate other players. Specifically, don't make your name the same as another person's. You're not fooling anyone, it's just a nuisance.
Duel Conduct
While participating in a Star Tournament, Lower Tier Star Tournament, Spontaneous Star Tournament, you should observe the following at all times:
  • Avoid spamming(See clarifications for more info).
  • Please do not intentionally stall or AFK in a Duel in order to annoy or force your opponent into submission.
  • In a competitive game, insults and harsh words are bound to let loose. But keep it in check.
Spectator Conduct
  • While watching a Duel in progress (at any time) you should be mindful of the following:
  • Do not spam
  • Do not give hints or heckle
  • Avoid Unrelated Chat if the duelists do not want it there

Dueling Rule Clarifications

Either through the use of Verbs (e.g. hitting the Phase buttons over and over) or filling the Chat window with the same words or gibberish repeatedly (even if it's not in WorldSay, it's still spam). It's bad practice, annoying, and not welcome (even in Causal Play).

The game is supposed to be fun. Unless one of the players asks, resist the temptation to give "advice". This is especially true in a Star Tournament. You should never interfere with a Duel in a Tournament Server. You will be removed from the server, even if you are a participant. Heckling a player is also poor practice, and a player is within their rights to tell you to stop, and report you if you do not.

Unrelated Chat It's rude to hold a conversation in the View-Say. If you wish to discuss something unrelated to the Duel, or get into a heated argument then take it to PMs and save the players and spectators the pain of having to scroll through your bickering to see the actual Duel.

Player Responsibilities
Per Konami, all players are to have a COSSY ID. Obviously we can't all have that. However, your Key/IP/CID will suffice to qualify as an ID. This is you, and you alone. If you sign up for a tournament, you are expected to play. Should you be found to not actually be playing, it is grounds for an immediate DQ.

It is your responsibility to relay accurate information at all times. You should clearly communicate your actions during game play, and ask questions of your opponent or a tournament official if you are unsure about something. You are obligated to notify an opponent if he or she fails to follow any game rules, including effects he or she may be playing incorrectly. Failure to do so may result in penalties. Players should request the assistance of a judge at the time an issue arises, rather than afterwards.

Players may not retract moves once they have committed to them. Judges are to use their judgement and proceed accordingly with the information they've gathered.

Players are responsible to accurately report the result of their Match. This can be done via PM, global chat (if the HJ is looking there), and can be seen with the results of the rank duel in global. TMs and Admins can verify with Rank Duel Log verb and the Duel Log verb.

You must send your deck list before the tournament starts. The HJ may give a game loss and log the deck you are currently using as the deck you are entering with. You are expected to still send them the deck list, and if you do not, the HJ may DQ you.

Tournament Rules

The outcome of a Match may not be influenced by any outside incentives or additional prizes/compensation. Offering or accepting a bribe is against tournament policy and will result in a Disqualification from the event. If any staff is caught doing so, you will be fired. If a player is caught doing so will be DQ'd (if particpating) and banned from the server until the tournament is over. If you are participating and found to be doing so, you may be banned from future tournaments.

Players should keep note on mandatory effects that occur later in the turn.

A player may concede a game at any time during the course of a Game or Match (including during the opponent’s turn), provided he or she has not been offered or has accepted any sort of compensation for doing so. Once a Match has concluded, players may not concede to the opponent. Players who concede in exchange for cash, prizes, or other incentives are guilty of bribery and collusion.

Tournament Infractions
Slow Play
This category covers infractions associated with the pace of a player’s game. Players are expected to play at a reasonable speed, regardless of the complexity of the game situation.

If a player is discovered to have cheated in an event, the HJ will issue a DQ and will let a higher staff position know about this. The staff may discuss if further penalties need to be applied.
-This includes, but is not limited to, backseating.

Unsporting Conduct
Players who engage in unsporting conduct or behavior that endangers or detracts from the event, will be removed from the venue and be subject to additional penalties. This is subjective. If you take it too far, penalties will be applied. You'll be warned by either the HJ, their judges, or a higher staff position if you are going too far. If you ignore the warning, you're subject to removal.

Warnings may be issued for all rules above, this includes the items that fall under general game rules and tournament rules. If the HJ finds you to be an annoyance you may be removed until the tournament is complete, main server or not. Should you be warned multiple times, the HJ has all the right to DQ you.

Should you be DQ'd from the finals or the third place match, all rewards will be forfeit.

Should viable evidence be brought forward after the fact, the Admins will determine if you should keep your rewards.

Suspended Players List
Should you find yourself on this list, it's usually with just cause. In order to get off, make an appeal and send it to all of the Admins. Head TM has the final say, but majority vote may decide if the appeal is granted and reversed.

Note: If you are rank banned, you will be ST banned.

What I based this off of, and tweaked to better follow online ways of doing so and how DMG as a whole. ... cy_1_4.pdf

Penalty Guidelines, as per Konami; ... es_1_4.pdf

Regarding loopholes; if the rule hasn't been made or there is a way to wiggle through, notify me or anyone who can change/fix it.
If the loophole is considered breaking the rules, (technically is but more of bending) punishments may be given depending on the situation.

I'm not trying to go back and fix how DMG operates on past dealings. I'm doing what I feel is right for DMG by preventing the same issues from occurring now and in the future.

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