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PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:41 pm
So, I posted this report on DG about my adventures this past weekend and since most of you wouldn't be able to read the topic over there I decided to bring over a slightly edited version of it (minus some personal details about other people) here. Enjoy.

Last year at the ARG 25k I showed up to mess around and play game with Watts (the deck Jackie wound up using during the player's championship, actually) and after talking with Brady about how I felt playing ygo, mostly that I was having limited amounts of fun, I decided to sell off a large chunk of my collection and move on to other pursuits. I really liked the way panini was handling dbz and Chris Buraseru had just gotten me into Vanguard so I started preparing myself to compete in those games. On top of that, I became really serious about playing Street Fighter IV, and now V, at evo after some positive tournament experiences.
Flash forward to early January of this year and I'm chatting with Rapture and he asks if I want to stay at his place for YCS Atlanta. So I checked my vacation hours and got permission from Pac-Man to take the weekend off and set about deciding what I wanted to play. First I tested Watts but couldn't find a way to make them work. Then I tried Six Samurai, inspired both by them being my favorite archetype and matthew monahan's in depth topic on the deck. Unfortunately, I was never really satisfied with how the deck played. At this point Muki came in and showed me his Monarch deck. I watched a few games he played against Rapture and got an idea of how the deck played and I was instantly enamored not by how easy it'd be to play for someone who had no idea what he was getting into, but by the low price tag of the deck.

So with zero expectations I flew from Buffalo to Charlotte (nice flight with lots of free snacks) and then Charlotte to Atlanta (wow they had no water in the bathrooms so people had to wash their hands with club soda). I met Rapture at the airport and we got a bite to eat at this awesome burger place before heading over to supergames so I could pick up as many tech cards as possible as long as they each cost less than a dollar.
Purchase list at supergames on Thursday night:
The Wicked Avatar
Invader of Darkness
Dark Armed Dragon + Foolish Burial
Great Shogun Shien
Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher -VOLTAGE-
(sorry 'bout that last one)

None of these cards were very good. Not even the Vanguard one.

On Friday we picked up Jackie and Loli before meeting Atem at his hotel. He was really nice but we didn't stay too long instead opting to eat mexican food and visit comic shops before going to pre-reg, which was uneventful. I might've gotten the only decent pull, which was a Quaking Mirror Force.
The gang piled back into Rapture's car for another visit to supers so that Rap could pick up some cards and I could buy more vg stuff. We then spent the night doing some testing and I made the important decision to drop all of the hand traps from my main and play the Kaiju version of the deck Loli had posted about the night before.

It took twenty minutes to park. A shady judge told me and Rap that we were going to get G1 losses for lateness so when his back was turned we cut in line and Rapture told on him. I hope nobody got G1 losses because of the crappy parking lot conditions.

Round One
Monarch vs Monarch
Game One: This game took an hour. Once we hit time a judge came over and dropped a slow play warning on my opponent that I kinda wish had come earlier but I was also a little slow and not much happened until time was called anyway. At 40 minutes the life score was 6400 to 7400 with him up. On my second to last turn in time I was able to use Interrupted Kaiju Slumber to break his board and he couldn't recover with a deck of 4 cards.


Round Two
Monarch vs Kozmo
Game One : My opponent is very adamant that I shuffle his deck parallel to the table so that I don't see any cards in his deck and I make a joke about shuffling his cards face up. He wasn't very happy about that so I decided not to joke around with him. I decided to ask where he was from and his response was "I can't divulge that information". Okay.
I opened poorly and lost in three turns. Kozmo is the only deck I didn't practice against in the week leading up to the YCS so I expected to just wing it if I saw them.
Game Two: He drops himself to 1500 LP over a couple turns using his effects and I survive his push with Battle Fader. I Kaiju Slumber him to clear the board and take it.
Game Three: We go into time and he's able to summon a lot of big monsters to take it.
This was a fun game he was just really serious about preventing cheating at all costs, except he didn't have pen and paper to track life.


Round Three
Monarch vs Pepe
Game One: I open with no tribute monsters and decide to scoop after he establishes Infinity+Beast.
Game Two: I open no tribute monsters and decide to scoop so I can grab lunch.
After match my opponent told me that he didn't want to win this way and wanted a 'real game'. So I told him that he should never apologize for winning and at x-2 I could still top. He offered more condolences before taking the slip and I felt like he was sad because I'd been secretly diagnosed with cancer or something.


Round Four
Monarch vs Monarch
Game One: I had two bomb ass pulled pork sandwiches from a vendor in the hall and started this game fighting the itis. My opponent established Return of the Monarchs before me and after a lengthy game was able to take it. Good news was I kept my Kaiju a secret.
Game Two: We were really chatty and he seemed like a good guy and kept spoiling things about his deck, like the fact that he ran two copies of Return. I laughed and we had a good time until I was able to Slumber him and he began to slow play his turns into time to get the draw. Time was called during my final battle phase of game 2.
He celebrated after noticing that time was called, which I thought was scummy, and a judge saw it and told him not to slow play and issued him a warning for admitting to stalling in the judges face. I just shrugged my shoulders at the whole ordeal since I could still make day two.


Round Five
Monarch Vs Kozmo Artifacts
Game One: My opponent decides to take a minute to read my monarch cards, explaining that he's never heard of them and didn't know they existed. I summon Majesty's Fiend and he tries to wall me by summoning Artifacts with Sanctum two turns in a row in my battle phase. Eventually he runs out of Sanctums and I kill him.
Game Two: He makes a board with multiple Kozmo's that gets slumbered, shifting the advantage in my favor. He winds up clearing my Kaiju and has a field of Dark Destroyer and a set Kozmojo to my board of Dominion, a set Decree, and no hand. I pull Pantheism, discard it for Erebus, banish for Tenacity, and tutor Stormforth. I activate Stormforth and he chains Kozmojo, I flip Decree, and he throws his hands up in the air. I summon the Erebus and simply say "Another One. Effect."
He gets mad at me for wanting to shuffle his last card in hand back to deck, I was worried he might have Fader or Scarecrow and wanted to be safe, and quits by signing the slip with a straight line and refusing to shake my hand.


Round Six
Monarch vs HEROs
Game One: My opponent is wearing what looks like a black riding hood and the tops of his sleeves are wavy from months (years?) of use and quite a few are marked. Just to be safe I ask a judge walking by to give them a check and he says to my opponent, "You should change these after this game if you continue on in the tournament but he's not cheating because nearly all of his cards are marked in some way". He asks if he can use his phone to track life and gets mad when I say no. He wins after establishing Dark Law and Solemn Strike.
Game Two: I make him go first and he wastes 4k to summon Shadow Mist from deck. He uses Dark Bribe to negate a Pantheism. I kill him instantly.
Game Three: I don't remember much from this game aside from him being mad about me having Stormforth and Ether on his turn. He signed the slip with a straight line and forgot his phone and playmat at the table. I waited until he came back for them so no one would take them and he was still mad.


Round Seven
Monarch vs ZefraPePe
Game One: I establish a Majesty's Fiend that he can't out and we move to game two. As an aside, this was the most fun duel I've had in a tournament setting. Neither of us was serious, we got to chat a lot about different matchups and card choices, and this was a very cool person to spend 40ish minutes with. His deck was super cool, too, and I could see it catching on after the emergency ban. Cool guy, neat deck.
Game Two: He's able to generate a lot of early advantage with Chicken Game and Oracle of Zefra but eventually loses to Slumber, which bailed me out of yet another bad situation.


It was at this point that I really believed I had a chance to make day two since I was playing some of the best ygo since my time as a keyboard warrior on another game. I was really loose and confident about everything up to this point and had made the decision to buy an orange gi from the karate event and go full on ultimate Gohan for day two if I finished well.
Little did I know that I wasn't actually Gohan.

Round Eight
Monarch vs PePe
Game One: This was another great guy and we talk about how at this point in the tournament you get to play a lot of cool people but unfortunately you wind up eliminating them with wins so you don't walk away feeling all that good about it. He quickly establishes a board of Dweller and Infinity that I out by sacrificing Infinity for a Kaiju and then following up with Slumber. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and he beat me.
Game Two: My opponent is really nervous about misplaying because he can't see the clock and neither of us wants a draw since that means elimination. The score is 1600 to 6200 with him up but I've got Dominion, Slumber, Stormforth, Return, and Ether so I'm sure I can flip this game and win. Unfortunately, on his end phase time is called. It was at this point that I made what I thought was the only fair decision: I quit.
"Hey man, I think I can out your board and kill you, but at that point we'd draw and it makes no sense for us both to be eliminated. I'm conceding the match. Good luck going forward."
He thanked me and said some stuff about how it was the nicest thing a ygo player had ever done for him, which was sad, and promised not to let my sacrifice be in vain.

After that I met up with Rapture and Loli to explain what happened and Rap mentioned that now I was Goku and YCS Atlanta was my Cell Games so I implored him to use the pain of loss after my tournament death to defeat Cell and win YCS Atlanta.
Unfortunately, he failed and Earth was destroyed.

Final Record: 4-3-1

As always, spending time with people from DG that I've known for years like Rapture, Loli, Muki, Draigun, and Sunny D.
Doing better than I expected after learning the game again a week before a large tournament.
Battle and Brew.
Atlanta for bringing in over 1400 players.
The BBQ stand
Jackie for taking a picture of us
Loli for buying me a four player Utopia tag mat as a birthday present

Atlanta traffic
The guy who stalled into time for a draw
Daniel Bryan's body for quitting on him
American Airlines for bumping me off my return flight so I had to sit in Hartsfield-Jackson for 5 hours

Overall it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to Evo and Bushiroad Spring Fest.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:45 pm
An endearing tale, but 6/10 for lack of a salad section.

Everything good has side of salad with it. :twisted:
He ain't gonna cut it. Somebody's gotta break that loser in.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:17 pm
Vanitas wrote:An endearing tale, but 6/10 for lack of a salad section.

Everything good has side of salad with it. :twisted:

f*** off.

Entertaining read.

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