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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:02 pm
If you were a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, what type of duelist would you be?

Introducing P.R.P (Personal Role Play)!

A style of dueling that allows you to create and duel using decks that resemble everything the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime stands for.

Making a Deck.

  • Choose an Ace Monster.
    Your Ace Monster is the mascot of your deck, and likewise, your deck should ultimately revolve around it. Be proud of your Ace Monster, as it represents you and your deck as a whole. Set your chosen monster as your Ace Card in your profile. (Any Monster that does not abide the rules below cannot be chosen as an Ace Monster)

  • Only 1 copy of each card is allowed in the Main Deck and Extra Deck.
    Exceptions include:

      -Normal Monsters
      -Cards that absolutely require copies (ie. Hyena).
      -Cards that are absolutely critical to the function of the deck (ie. Harpie Lady).
      -Cards that can directly interact with itself, in the event that there are copies (ie. Toon Table of Contents).
      -Any exception that I allow. If you request for an exception, bring it up with me.

  • Only 2 Limited/Semi-Limited cards are allowed in Main Deck. This also applies to the Extra Deck.

  • All cards in the game are free to use.
    Exceptions include:

      -Cards that are known to be exclusive to a particular character in the anime. This includes cards that were "created" by that duelist, or cards that are absolutely known to be the only copy in existence. (ie. "Signer Dragons", "Neo Spacians", Stargazer/Timegazer Magician, "Number" Xyz Monsters)

      -The Ace Monster of any lead protagonist.

      (These exceptions are voided during an "Event P.R.P")

  • Your Extra Deck.
    Go for cards that at least tie in directly with the theme or strategy of your deck. In other words, don't bother stuffing Extra Deck monsters just to reach 15.

  • Edits and updates to your P.R.P Deck are always allowed at any time, so long as it still abides the guidelines.

  • Be creative.
    Whether you're building your deck or dueling, always stay creative. It's not necessary to focus entirely on overpowering your opponent while you're choosing cards for your deck. This dueling style is aimed at anyone that has ever admired the atmosphere of the duels from the anime. Feel free to go the extra mile that an RP insists.

Dueling in a P.R.P.

  • P.R.P Duels/Matches follow the same rules of a regular Yu-Gi-Oh! duel, before the introduction of Link Monsters.

All factors of this guideline are subject to change.

If you're willing to give this dueling style a try, go for it!
I'm free to test your decks against me at any time I'm online. I'm also accepting any questions, concerns or suggestions.
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