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PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2014 5:38 am
I'm by no means an excellent player, but I have picked up on some good tips in my days. These are for those people who are stuck in that strange medium between novice and decent. I didn't really cover any of the extremely fundamental business (such as keeping your deck as close to 40 cards as possible). I tried to cover less obvious topics that a lot of people don't think about when they're newer players.

Please don't make rude or arrogant comments like "uh, that's so obvious and only an idiot wouldn't know that." It really just makes you look bad.

Also, I would appreciate constructive criticism or a little friendly disagreement. Everyone has their own opinions. If you think I'm wrong about something or want to add your own tips, I'd love for you to speak your mind.

• When thinking about what to do next, go with the optimal option that uses the least amount of cards. That way, you can pull out good moves while staying conservative. If there are two different options that could work nicely, choose the one that uses the least amount of cards.
• When constructing decks, choose one main strategy. Don’t just put random cards in the deck. Each card in the deck should have a purpose that helps to support the deck or make plays easier to pull off. That being said, some staples are necessary to keep the foundation of the deck strong. If you don’t have good staples and “outs” in your deck, you might not be able to make plays as easily or get out of certain situations.
• Save your “outs” as long as possible. For instance, don’t use a Mirror Force or a Dark Hole on a monster that won’t hurt your strategy that badly, especially not when your opponent still has several cards in their hand or at their disposal. The only time I can see the use of a Mirror Force or Dark Hole against one weak monster as acceptable would be if your opponent is out of options and you can push for game next turn. And you’d better be dead certain.
• In a lot of cases, usable material is more important than Life Points. Only play a card if you have a good reason to. For instance, why give your opponent the chance to use a Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute by summoning a monster when you already have a solid one out that’s controlling the game?
• Be conservative not only with your monsters and spells, but your traps too. Let’s say you open with 3 good traps: Dimensional Prison, Fiendish Chain, and Mirror Force. Mirror Force is very valuable. It’s an “out.” It can get you out of really nasty situations and/or make your opponent suffer a huge minus. So, why would you set it on your first turn? Note that it also depends on what deck you're playing against. Mirror Force is not always the best trap, obviously. Maybe Fiendish Chain is your best trap for the deck you're playing. However, consider Fiendish Chain's effect. Do you really want to save that for later? No, you'll want to set it in case your opponent tries to get a nasty effect off that gives them more momentum. Mirror Force, on the other hand, is something you'll want to use later (unless you know your opponent is going for OTK or whatever). How bad would you feel if you set that Mirror Force so early in the game and it got destroyed next turn?
• Know that some cards are best used when your opponent’s resources have run dry. Please don’t whip out your ace monster when your opponent has 3 back-row spell/trap cards. That’s nonsense (unless you’re confident you can get through the back-row). Use your less important cards to try and weed out those back-row spell/traps before you make a major game-changing move.
• Speaking of game-changing moves, there are a lot of cards that can help you out a ton when you do make that big move that shifts the tide of the game. Cards like Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, Giant Trunade, Cold Wave, and others, are usually best saved for when you want to make critical plays, when you can’t afford to conserve them, or when it would just be better to go ahead and use them. Use your best judgment.
• Be smart with your usage of Mystical Space Typhoon. Experienced players might set a couple less valuable back-row spell/traps their first turn, hoping that you will waste your Mystical Space Typhoon(s) or Heavy Storm. If you fall for it, they won’t have as much cause to worry about setting their major spell/traps. All of this goes back to being conservative with your cards and only playing them if you have a good reason.
• When you’re in a bind, look for every single resource possible. Check the field and Graveyards, double-check your hand, etc. Check everything. If you don’t, you might miss out on a great comeback play and beat yourself up about it later.
• Always make sure you are aware the responses you have. If you have an Effect Veiler or Maxx “C” in your hand, you better constantly remind yourself of their presence so you don’t miss out on the optimal moment to use them. It can be easy, especially for newer players, to just sit there and watch your opponent make crazy plays and throw stuff down on the field like they own the place without ever checking what you can do to respond. Constantly remind yourself, “okay, I’ve got Bottomless Trap Hole and Black Horn of Heaven down, and I’ve got Effect Veiler in my hand.”
• This one ties in with the last one a bit. Continually remind yourself what your opponent could do with the cards they have. It helps a lot if you know the deck/archetype they’re using. This way, you’ll not only feel more confident during your opponent’s turn, but you will also know without a doubt what you need to respond to and how you need to respond to it. “Okay, he just summoned Mahunder. That means he’s probably going to bring out another monster and then go for a Xyz Summon. Let me see – oh yes, I have Effect Veiler, so I can negate Mahunder’s ability that allows him to summon another monster, or I can use my facedown Solemn Warning if he tries to Xyz Summon.”

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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 5:49 am
Yugioh is almost entirely about who you know, and if you don't make friends who will teach you how to get better you're basically screwed

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